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To load repeatedly and exchanging heat to be effective unit.

If we resolve on working substance to expand (evaporates) without conducting enough work then to close the cycle we will need a large force to apply on it. At the same time there is no way to spread the load of single evaporator- turbine to decline in the course of work - to make the most of the opportunities of working substance. I therefore suggest that the same amount of working substance to perform multiple work as it passes from one evaporator to another with increasingly lower temperatures. In this way I can load the given amount of substance to work up and to take to cool and gaseous working substance due to heat exchange. A "cooler" loaded with a substance with a low boiling point(R41)  at the end. Its task is to cool the gas to liquefaction - Chart 4.

 When proceeding to closing the cycle the gaseous working substance will have a temperature close to the boiling point and the power necessary for compressor 5 will be smaller than the power received from the plurality of converters of heat into mechanical energy 7. Such a unit will be effective.

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