четвъртък, 4 юни 2015 г.

I guess we can close the cycle of the unit with a "clean power"

Let's apply a "clean power" on the last working substance (with the lowest boiling point) - gas is liquefied under pressure of compressor and not because of the low temperature generated by the compressor on cooler ( in my patent I use the old - System of  Redistribution on Heat , instead cooler).
Chart 1c -  two working substances and compressor.

My opinion is that such a unit would not be effective - Two forces useful – turbine, against one opposite - the compressor which is equal to two useful. The ratio useful to opposing forces - 2 to 2? (But just in case I have stated in the patent claims IoI )

Chart 3c - three working substances and compressor.

My opinion is that this unit will be effective - three useful energy (turbines) against the compressor - a ratio of beneficial to opposing forces - 3 to 2?

Accept objections (not only for versions with "clean power").

I patented and other effective (by me) variants of external combustion - internal cooling engine, which put them in my blog next week. There are interesting "thermodynamic - mechanical puzzles." I think it is worth a look dear readers.

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