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Cold reality - heretical thoughts

Reflections on the motive power of heat on the environment  and on machines fitted to develop that power

 I will formulate conclusions which led me the work on the external combustion engine which is driven by the heat of the environment.
The only way we can use the heat of the environment as a driving force is to create a cold part.  Cooling the cold part to have the required temperature difference so hot part on the engine to be the environment. To keep the cold part I need to heat isolate it from the environment. If I do not do it due to the heat exchange environment will warm the cold part. Because theoretically and practically can not turn all heat into mechanical energy will always have waste heat which will heat up the cold part. So I need to cool the cold part by cooler. As less amount of waste heat, so the little force it would need for the compressor on cooler to maintain the low temperature of the cold part. Small amount of waste heat will achieve by thermal isolating  the entire unit so that the process of work working substance to cool down and the amount of waste heat to decrease. Another obstacle for maintaining the low temperature of the cold part will be the inevitable leakage of heat from the thermal insulation. Practically we can not achieve 100% thermal insulation so that heat from the environment will pass through the insulation and warms the cold part. This heat will call it - harmful heat.
Effective unit will have when the sum of the quantities of waste heat and harmful heat at any one time is less than the amount of heat which the turbines (the pistons in the cylinders) are transformed into mechanical energy. Then I'll have enough power to keep the cold part. The difference between forces  that  generate the converters on heat into mechanical energy (turbines, pistons) and a force necessary to maintain the cold part will give us useful mechanical work.
When we have plenty of heat the cold part is important for us to receive mechanical power. We should strive waste heat and harmful heat  to be in small amounts, so to spend a small portion of the useful energy  for the maintenance of low temperature of the cold part.
Several decisions on how to convert heat into mechanical work, so the amount of waste heat to be a small part of the total heat input from  environment in the engine I described in my blog.  If we do well  with harmful heat we can achieve perpetual  motion .
Perpetual motion would be possible with a thermal insulating external combustion engine. The warmth of the environment will be the driving force and the temperature difference between the hot and cold part we create and maintain due to perform work. Perpetual motion of such an engine is provided by two pairs supporting one another physical characteristics:
1. The temperature difference is a prerequisite to perform work - By doing work we can create a temperature difference.
2. The heat is converted into mechanical energy - mechanical energy is converted into heat

By definition (Wikipedia) Perpetual motion is:
"Perpetual motion is motion that continues indefinitely without any external source of energy.This is impossible to ever achieve because of friction and other sources of energy loss"
Next follows a right conclusions:
"There is a scientific consensus that perpetual motion in an isolated system violates either the first law of thermodynamics, the second law of thermodynamics, or both" .... There is no dispute - true.
 BUT - each ONE isolated system can divide it into TWO isolated systems as:
1. Heat isolate one part of it to the other
2. Remove some amount of heat from one to the other
So we can "avoid" the laws of thermodynamics which apply to an ONE isolated system - we divide an ONE isolated system completely legally on TWO isolated systems.
Unit that converts heat into mechanical energy is in one part, and converts the heat from the other side into mechanical energy.
In one part the heat ultimately turns into mechanical energy - in the other part the mechanical energy ultimately converted into heat.

 Nor violate the laws of thermodynamics ... neither conversion of heat from one part to mechanical energy in the other part will stop.

I think that the cold reality will allow us perpetuum mobile.

But most important for us is to look at the method as an opportunity for renewable energy, one more opportunity to reduce the footprint we leave on the planet.

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