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Reduce waste heat

Two working substances -  ammonia (240bp) and R 41 (195bp) - diagram 5. Working substance on cooler - R14 (145bp). Prior we cooled the liquid R41 to its boiling point. After opening the valves and drive the pumps waste heat on ammonia cycle heated R41 to 238K. Ammonia liquefies and pumps it appear to be heated in the atmosphere to 290K. R41 works by the method of divided load and heat exchange between liquid and gaseous working substance. Cooler closes the cycle of R41 and  pumps sent liquid R41 back to the heat exchange with the gases ammonia, as quantization of the two substances are such that ammonia liquefies. Too small amount of waste heat after the work on R41 - Effective unit.

By the logic:
- Environment heated first working substance  to a temperature above its boiling point
- all other working substances work in an  heat isolated environment
-  each additional working substance with -low boiling closes cycle on previous
- substances work by the method / or not by the method of separately loading
  - on the last working substance closing cycle as a result of work done
We can fulfill unit with so much substances as nature allows us. After the working cycle of each substance waste heat remains in a small amount compared to the amount of heat which we turned into mechanical work.

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