вторник, 5 юли 2016 г.

one turbine engine on solution

It is good one to give a break from work. "Vacationing makes champions" - are increasingly convinced of the rightness of this maxim lol
So did I - I gave myself  three weeks vacation on "an internal cooling engine" and  after returned  saw that the engine using the endothermic solution for obtaining low temperatures of the cold part is not necessarily to be on two working substances and two turbines. The possibility - second working substance with low boiling point as doing work to create the liquid solvent is not bad, but the possibility - solution to create liquid solvent is even better because we eliminate one turbine and unit becomes small and compact.

Here's patent application which  handed today  (Chart 1)
 αβ  - endothermic solution
 α    - solvent
 β   -   solute

I would like to ask if anyone had guessed this opportunity as diagram1, аnd he has filed an application before me (not  too hard to guess, and I think that at least 4 teams of very good specialists in various places in the world  working on internal cooling engine) - Please write to me at:

I will withdraw  this application  to save my costs on this application

Many thanks

Svetozar the Cold

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