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Option to transfer waste heat of the last cycle to previous cycles (puzzle)

On unit filled with more than one working substance can transfer part of the waste heat of the last cycle to the previous working cycles of substances with a higher boiling point. In each evaporator place warm heat exchanger on cooler. Adjustable valves are adjusted so that the working substance of the cooler to give heat on the working substance of the respective evaporator. By valves can choose to transfer heat to one or more evaporators (in the case of diagram 1  waste heat  from the last cycle transfer to the previous cycle, but I can configure the system to transfer heat to all evaporators which has a unit).

diagram 1

Wout / Win = ?

diagram 2

Water cooled propylene glycol, and carbon dioxide cooled all (we are used to associate it with increasing temperature, but I intend to entrust it the task to cool) as transfer waste heat from the last working substance to the previous two.
Wout / Win = ?

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